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Committee role is to manage our work within the broader community.

Chair is encouraged to engage committee members by ensuring they are assigned tasks. Attention should be paid to having the “right” number of members to ensure timely completion of those tasks.

Chair shall hold monthly meeting with committee members keeping them informed and up to date on club activities.

Chair (or substitute member) shall attend monthly meeting of Board of Directors reporting on committee activities, seeking their input and advice as and if required.

Chair shall assist with nomination process by identifying a candidate for succession. Hold a handover meeting with successor.

Chair and Committee:

  • Prepare and submit annual budget. Monitor to ensure not going over budget.


  • Conduct an annual review of the budgeted donations to community groups.Request and distribute cheques by end of January.


  • Meet with Director of Recreation at New Dawn Home to schedule our five annual visits.Inform club members of the dates.Purchase treats for Valentine and Easter visits and foods/drinks for summer b-que.Coordinate Christmas party, including shoebox gift initiative.Ensure appropriate number of Rotarians can attend each visit by circulating sign-up sheet prior to visit.


  • Meet with Director at Loaves and Fishes to schedule our annual visits. Inform club members of the dates. Request cheque to cover meal cost and present during visit. Ensure appropriate number of Rotarians can attend each visit by circulating sign-up sheet prior to visit.Monitor quality of meal prepared and served.


  • Take the lead in educating our members on the importance of these projects, not only to the recipients but to our members. (Perhaps a suggested list of contents for our Christmas shoeboxes could be explained during a Rotary minute.)


  • Research and develop new projects within our community as time and resources permit.