Yerevan, Armenia Project
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Support Our International Work - Nork Clinical Hospital of Infectious Disease (Armenia)

There is strength in numbers. That’s why the Rotary Clubs of Sydney Sunrise, New Waterford and Sydney are collaborating to further Rotary’s international work.
While this page focuses on the current international project we are working on, we are actively seeking future projects.
And, we continue to support Rotary’s Emergency Disaster Relief, Polio Eradication and other programs.
What We’re Working on Now
CAPACITY UPGRADE - Nork Clinical Hospital of Infectious Disease (Armenia)
Rotary Global Grant No.:GG2093871(final application &  approval pending)
International Sponsor: Rotary Club of Sydney Sunrise, District 7820
Primary Contact: John D’Orsay (
Host Sponsor: Rotary Club of Yerevan, District 2452
We are now working with the Rotary Club of Yerevan, Armenia to finalize a project to supply much needed medical equipment to the Nork Clinical Hospital of Infectious Disease in Yerevan.
The Hospital is dedicated to fighting infectious diseases and is unique within Armenia. The equipment to be purchased include various numbers of Patient Monitors, Infusion Pumps,
Oxygen Generators, UV Inhalators Baby Scales, Central Venous Catheters and a Defibrillator.  The goal of this project is to improve patient care and ultimately saving lives. 
Contact should you have any questions.
Rotary is uniquely positioned to make this project happen. Scroll down to the “Detail” section to discover why.
About Armenia…
Situated along the route of the ancient Great Silk Road, Armenia is a landlocked country of rugged mountains and extinct volcanoes, located in the southern Caucasus, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It is the smallest of the former Soviet republics, bounded by Georgia on the north, Azerbaijan on the east, Iran on the south, and Turkey on the west.
On 21 September 1991, Armenia officially declared its independence. The initial post-Soviet years were marred by political and economic upheaval. With a current population of just under 3 million, Armenia continues to face many hardships as it transitions to full democracy and a market economy.
How You Can Help

There are two ways to give:
l. To support the current project, a future project or our other international programs, go to your bank’s website and e-transfer your gift to . Use “GoRotary” as the answer to your security question.  This method of giving is most flexible and cost effective for us. Unfortunately we cannot issue a charitable tax receipt.
2. To support a particular Global Grant project, make your gift directly through Rotary International.  Simply send an email to the International Club’s “Primary Contact” indicated in the above  “What We Are Working On Now” section.  Your email should reference the Global Grant number.  At this point you are just pledging a gift,  to be honored when final approval is in place.  We will then send you instructions on exactly how to submit and honor your pledge.  You will receive a charitable tax receipt for donations made in this manner.
Either way, be assured your gift will be put to good use, helping good people around the world!  Thank you so much!
By working with local Rotarians both in Armenia and here in Canada, contributions can be leveraged through the Rotary International and the Government of Canada (GOC) provided the project falls within at least one of Rotary’s “Areas of Focus” and meets Rotary’s standards of sustainability, measurability, due diligence and good governance. When these standards are met, the Government of Canada, with a few additional requirements, will also chip in.
An application to Rotary International (RI) for a Global Grant in support of this project is being finalized. The estimated submission time is December, 2019 to Jan 2020. If approved, RI and the GOC will leverage the seed money by a factor of 4.63:1. Powerful stuff!  * Note, seed money is the amount the Rotary Clubs of Sydney Sunrise, Sydney and New Waterford must raise to make the project happen. It will vary depending on the final project cost estimate and is the basis for the contributions from RI and the GOC.
Here’s the break down…
Total Project Cost Estimate:                                    C$ 77,310  (final)                    
Seed Money*:                                                            C$ 16,703
Our Rotary District Contribution:                           C$   8,351
Government of Canada Contribution:                   C$ 23,703
RI World Fund 1 Contribution:                                C$ 20,203
RI World Fund 2 (when GOC contributes):           C$   8,351
Less 5% Admin Fee:                                                 C$      835